Daily Diary – 1/3/18

Why I Write These:

This is an initiative I started in 2018 to begin documenting my life better. It’s meant to be a snapshot of a day both for public disclosure of what is going on, both good and hard things in my life. It also serves as a record that I hope to be able to look back on in future years. This concept was inspired by my grandfather, Leon Milton Buttermore, who has a memory that I am envious of, and I hope that by doing this I am able to be the kind of man who starts to treasure the things given him.

Daily Highlights:

I got up at 6AM and made my way to Fitness One. They got me in and I did a bit of a workout. Boy, am I a bit out of shape after all this holiday cheer. I got some squats in, did some chest and back, and tried out some new machines. One in particular is going to become a favorite. It’s called Jacob’s Ladder and is described as the Ultimate Workout Experience. It’s named after me and has the word ‘ultimate’ in it. How can I say no? The answer is I could not. But after 2 minutes of that, I decided I could say no. I’ll go back to it and try to make it up to 5. Some other fun things about the gym: 2 (you read that right – 2!) saunas, a pool, an area for sled runs, boxing area, and battle ropes! I plan to schedule a time with a personal trainer (I have 2 free sessions) and ask them to help me figure out how to best use those to train.

My legs are very sore. It feels good to start building in some strength training back into my regimen after holiday season and some injuries have kept me from doing that. And the gym is right across from me. Just a hop across the street. I’m excited about that!

I got home and had a quick breakfast before I headed over to meet Trey Trumbo to talk about our ABF (Adult Bible Fellowships – our name for Sunday School) and plans for 2018 to see how we can continue shaping a vision that will honor God in that class. Trey is a great guy. He was dressed for basketball practice and I bet he’s running those kids until they drop right now! I hope he’s quoting Remember the Titans with some quotes like, “Water is for the weak!” and “Petey, how many feet are in a mile?” The kids need a workout anyways, I imagine.

After he left, I spent some time reading through the Bible. In conjunction with Ezekiel, I’m starting a study of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd John. Today I read the first chapter of 1 John. It was a marvelous passage! Here’s some highlights:

  • The word logos is amazing to study. I never realized it had implications to both Greek and Jews. Greeks applied it to the universe as the rational principle that ruled over everything. It was also not just a spoken word, but the unspoken word – a principle of the mind. Jews used it to refer to God’s spoken word and his law, which holds all things together. Wow! What an amazing stroke of genius by the apostle. Similar to Paul’s Grace (the Greek greeting) and Peace (the Hebrew greeting), it shows an amazing aptitude at what Colossians 4 talks about to have your speech be seasoned with salt so that you might be able to speak to everyone and make the most of an opportunity.
  • John has scathing words for the Gnostics. He’s addressing Docetism and Cerinthianism in this book. He says they felt and touched the Word made flesh. He says that anyone who has not claimed to have sinned is a liar and has no part in God. A reminder that what we do physically has real consequences in our spiritual lives. To understand sin as well as redemption, we have to understand that the Lord operates in the physical world just as much as he operates in the spiritual realm. What God has joined, let no man separate. And boy, you’re lying to yourself if you think you can split the two apart.
  • Loved the idea of the Greek word koinonia being used to say that John wants that fellowship for his joy to be complete! What an amazing idea! I had questions about how Mack Stiles used Philemon 6 as an argument for why sharing your faith is always beneficial in his book Evangelism. He says that sharing your faith makes you more aware of what you have, which is true, but I wasn’t sure about that passage as a support for that recently as I studied the Greek there. But John says that his joy is incomplete without the fellowship shared by the shared knowledge of truth shared with other Saints. This is primarily written to Saints in the churches, but would also be true of those who are not saved and whom he desires to bring into Christian fellowship? In this sense, would a true desire to see one become joined to Christ help reinforce in the believer what they already possess? I think the answer is definitively yes, but I’m still not entirely sure Philemon 6 is a good supporting text for that idea. I saw Scott Bielinski at Mama Carmen’s and we talked about this and we agreed that it has potential, but we need to be careful with what Biblical texts intended to mean.

By the way, that would be an answer to prayer if Scott starts working out at my gym, which he said he would! I dislike working out alone and would be awfully (this is a weird adjective, isn’t it?) encouraged if I had someone to do that with. I also really like Scott and if we had more opportunities to spend time together that would be really fun, I believe.

He also told me that they have a spot likely opening up at their apartment sometime around the Summer. He invited me to come live with them. It would be way cheaper rent than what I’m doing now, and I’ve been wandering about doing something about that anyways. There are a few questions to iron out in terms of what stuff I’ve accumulated that I could take, what it looks like for me to work from home sometimes, and also just making sure expectations and stages of life will blend well. But I’m intrigued by it. Better offer up some prayers to the big guy and see if he’s got any ideas about what I do. I imagine He might like to say a thing or two on the topic. Or He may just be honored if, whatever course I choose, I do so in faithfulness to Him and love Him to my utmost in that living quarter. We’ll see in the coming months!

After Bible study, I worked from Mama Carmen’s for a while. Got some solid work in. Lots of clients to kick off Q1 with, and so trying to keep all the wheels greased and things moving forward (For the record, I’ll generally keep a lot of work details not overly detailed partly because of some clients I have NDAs with, and it’s easier to just not overshare information that isn’t mine.)

After working for a bit, I ran over to lunch with Terry Irwin at Stone Mill. He’s got a wife, Melissa and two kids, Athen and Ella, that I hope to meet soon! We talked about the holidays, what it looks like to be gracious with political conversations, and family relationships that we both care quite a bit about and how we can be more loving towards those people.

Terry is a faithful brother who has gone to seminary, has a heart for church planting, and has attended some churches beforehand, Sojourn and The Hill. Never heard of or been to Sojourn (It’s in Lexington, KY so that’s not a surprise), but they sounded like genuine believers I’d like to meet! And Donovan Hill is a great guy at the Hill I’ve enjoyed many a laugh and deep conversation with, as well as we worked together when I contracted for Explainify. Terry came to UBC because of some convictions he arrived at due to church polity, which it’s good that someone who wants to plant churches is concerned with trying to do his best work in organizing and helping churches take shape! Looking forward to getting to know Terry better as time goes by.

Then I ran to another client and we worked the afternoon away. That whole working thing seems to happen rather regularly. Might need to look into that. Legs were starting to feel pretty sore at this point in the day. Weather has been a bit chilly, but I was able to get by with just a vest and flannel on so it could be worse!

After work, I grabbed a pizza and headed over to Andrew and Rebecca Goode’s house. We ate some pizza, drank some cider, and watched the NBA. Which is really just code for we talked about life. They’re likely heading to the mission field in the near future. I know sometimes people move for missions and they don’t like their location disclosed, but suffice to say it will be a different culture and it’s a sacrifice. Andrew has always been one of my closest friends and a kindred spirit, even if we don’t always get to see each other as often as I’d like. Rebecca is a perfect match for him and they’re one of the better couples you could spend time with. Rebecca was sad that she wore a Kawhi Leonard shirt since he didn’t play. I don’t think he cares about his #1 fan enough. Most Spurs were resting. The 76ers beat them, Kyrie Irving got his win against LeBron when the Celtics beat the Cavaliers, and we started watching OKC play the Lakers, but decided not to finish that.

It was a great night. I’m always encouraged by the Goodes and enjoy their company. They go to Fellowship Bible Church and learn a lot of great things there. They’ve grown in their maturity in faith a lot the last few years, so I imagine the Gospel must be taught pretty well at that church. They’re also fun. Quick to smile and laugh and the Holy Spirit shows up in the joy and peace they carry with them. Good folks, the Goodes.

Well I’ve had a decently long day. Off to bed where I’ll read a bit. Genesis 7-9 is on the docket. As well as maybe a chapter from The Hobbit as well as Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. Not sure how I feel about that last book. The tone of it bugs me a bit sometimes and I’m worried about some of the theological implications that might be in his book, although to his credit he didn’t say it was going to be a very spiritual book. Still, I think he could clear some concepts up. That said, the principals in it look like they’ll be good and I’ll enjoy learning what is good in it. Cole Penick always talks about “chewing up the meat and spitting out the bones.” I think this is a good book to try to do that with.

Tonight I thank God for friends. Way back in the garden He knew it wasn’t good for man to be alone. And while I don’t have a wife and I’d like one, He made good friends to run into at coffee stores, get lunch with, work with, and watch NBA with. Man, He’s a good God. Ultimately, He didn’t leave us alone in darkness (Isaiah 9:2). He came down and dwelt among us and made sure we always have someone on our side if we’ll but repent from our sins and follow Him as king of our lives. That’s a pretty good deal, folks. I’m a marketer so I know a good deal when I see one. You should open up a Bible and look at it more.

Until tomorrow…

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