Daily Diary – 3/9/18

Why I Write These:

This is an initiative I started in 2018 to begin documenting my life better. It’s meant to be a snapshot of a day both for public disclosure of what is going on, both good and hard things in my life. It also serves as a record that I hope to be able to look back on in future years. This concept was inspired by my grandfather, Leon Milton Buttermore, who has a memory that I am envious of, and I hope that by doing this I am able to be the kind of man who starts to treasure the things given him.

Daily Highlights:

Godly thought of the day:

Matthew 27:13-14 says: “Then Pilate asked him, “Don’t you hear the testimony they are bringing against you? But Jesus made no reply, not even to a single charge — to the great amazement of the governor.

Really struck by the the fact that Jesus, if He speaks, dooms us all here. He’s innocent. He knows it. Pilate seems to even know it. But Jesus doesn’t deny the charges even though they’re easily dismissable and Jesus clearly could have known how to articulate Himself in such a way as to see Him safely away. Or He could have just jetted out of there with a legion of angels and made a great escape. Either way, nobody touches Him that He doesn’t want to.

And that’s what is amazing to me! He wants this. He wants this badly enough to endure false charges, beatings from soldiers, and separation from the Father in this chapter. And why? Because He knows that if He doesn’t take the rap for the crimes being brought against Him, then someone else has to pay those crimes. Those people would be you and I. And so Jesus, wanting to give Himself up on our behalf, paid the price for our crimes and went to die as an innocent man.

This inspires me that any suffering, any separation, and slander I face is nothing compared to what our Lord endured this fateful day.

Favorite meeting of the day:

Got to watch basketball with Kristin this night. It was fun!

Hardest part of my day:

Am counseling a man who is on the brink of divorce. He’s in a hard place. I never thought I’d end up in this position just a few years ago. Even as hard as it is, it’s exactly where I’d want to be. I want to be on the front lines of issues like this. These kind of things matter, and I can hardly think of where else I’d rather be.

Favorite moment of the day:

Just realizing on my way to work that I had woken up under layers of comfortable comforters, taken a hot shower, ate some breakfast, and was going to a coffee shop to minister to someone and then got to work from that coffee shop remotely. That’s pretty cool. I have a great life. For all I might want to complain about things, there is relatively little that I can think of to complain about.

What was the weather like today?:

Great! Slightly overcast, but warm. Good sunshine. A bit of rain this evening, I think.

Most unfaithful moment of my day:

Slept through my alarm this morning and missed a meeting. I hate not making my commitments. I rarely do this, so part of me doesn’t know what I might have done about this except try to get to bed earlier than I did. But still, at some point anything I say is just excuses. I need to get up and be where I say I will be. Whatever it takes, that matters.

What am I currently reading?:

Daily Bible Reading – Deuteronomy 27 & 28

Dangerous Calling by Paul Tripp – No reading for this today.

Church History by Eusebius – No reading for this today.

Addictions: A Banquet in the Grave by Ed Welch – No reading for this tonight.

On the Incarnation by Athanasius – No reading for this tonight.

No Place for Truth: Or Whatever Happened to Evangelical Theology? by David F. Wells – No reading for this today.

What was for dinner?:

Fajita leftovers and cottage cheese.

Song of the day:

El Shaddai by Michael Card – Nice, peaceful narrative song. I find his breathy singing kind of perfect for sounding like a prayerful song narrative.

Quote of the day:

“You don’t look that much different.” — Kristin Pankey

Showed her some old photos from me in band. She didn’t think I looked that different, but that either means I still look really young or I looked older in high school than I thought I did. I’m not sure how to feel. I guess I’m glad now that I don’t look so old. I want to be a youthful soul, even as I age.

Prayer of the day:

Lord, I praise and lift you eye. Make my every breath aimed towards that goal.


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