Daily Diary – 4/26/18

Why I Write These:

These are written in honor of my grandfather, Leon Milton Buttermore, who has a memory that I am envious of, and I hope that by doing this I am able to be the kind of man who starts to treasure the things given him.

Daily Highlights:

Godly thought of the day:

Joshua 20:12-13 says: “The tribes of Israel sent men throughout the tribe of Benjamin, saying, “What about this awful crime that was committed among you? Now surrender those wicked men of Gibeah so that we may put them to death and purge the evil from Israel.” But the Benjamites would not listen to their fellow Israelites.”

The theme of listening has been really big to me lately. So this stuck out to me as I read this morning. The Israelites were not trying to fight the Benjamites as a clan. They were trying to follow Deuteronomy 13:13 and just purge the perpetrators. But the Benjamites would not listen. They protected the sinful people among them.

This is a stark image of what happens when we coddle sin. It turns brother against brother. It leads to death, chaos, and madness. It leads to weeping and destruction. Sin deserves no shelter from us. Let us acknowledge the atrocity sin is and then let it be carved out by our fellow Israelites, as you will.

Favorite meeting of the day:

Got to meet with John Mueller today. I think that was really good for me. I enjoyed meeting with him, as we don’t get to regularly meet. He was encouraging as I talked about ministry, relationships, and more. He had good things to say and I was affirmed that I think I’m walking the right way in life, but must stay committed to the path.

Hardest part of my day:

I wanted to have some Gospel conversations at dinner with some guys who I got pizza with. There was even a few other believers there. I was kind of bummed at how hard it was to try and dig into anything meaningful. Maybe I’m just not good at it, but conversation was scattered and I was having trouble getting to anything really meaningful. I want to get more faithful at presenting the Gospel at every opportunity I have. What is more important? Why am I so slow to get it off my lips? I say this was the hardest part of my day. I felt faithful just trying, but also realize how much work I have to do to get to a place where I feel comfortable just pushing someone towards a conversation about the most important thing they can ever ponder.

Favorite moment of the day:

I got to play ultimate outside in nice weather for the first time in a long time. My first throw out, I just dropped a dime flick huck into a receiver’s breadbasket. It felt really, really good to do that. I wasn’t even warmed up or anything. You know, I don’t really practice it a lot anymore either. I love watching a disc fly through the air, and I want to honor him with whatever youthful energies I have towards ultimate left.

What was the weather like today?:

Very nice! A bit overcast and chilly, but that’s actually perfect for playing ultimate in. Because as you run, you get warm and feel perfect. Wind wasn’t bad. So overall, I was very pleased to be outside.

Most unfaithful moment of my day:

Still struggling to be productive with work, but I did feel that I did a good job putting a list of things together and getting them done. So maybe I didn’t do so bad today? I just want to make sure I’m toiling at the things the Lord has given me here and now.

What am I currently reading?:

Daily Bible Reading – 2 Kings 1-3

Dangerous Calling by Paul Tripp – No reading for this today.

Church History by Eusebius – No reading for this today.

Addictions: A Banquet in the Grave by Ed Welch – He had a very good point that we are so quick to forget the goodness of God. This is our most frequent sin. This made me realize that the most frequent act of faithfulness we can ever possess is remembrance. To start becoming faithful is seriously as simple as starting to get good at remembering what God has accomplished on your behalf.

No Place for Truth: Or Whatever Happened to Evangelical Theology? by David F. Wells – No reading for this today.

On the Bondage of the Will by Martin Luther – No reading for this today.

What was for dinner?:

Mojo’s pizza with Pat Randall, Clay Mohr, John Mills, Drew Taylor, and Aric Powers. Drew Taylor is going to move into my apartment with me. I’m excited about that! Not only will it save me $330/month (although I believe I will give a portion of that to the Goodes as they go overseas), but I think Drew needs plugged in at a church and could use someone mentoring and pouring into him. I hope I can do that for him. We shall see!

Song of the day:

Red Letters by DC Talk – There is hope for the hopeless. Peace and forgiveness. The words of Jesus are so powerful. I listened to this song and thought about what it did in the lives of Shirley and Dale and how much that affected others who were around them. I need to devour these words (the words of all the Bible, that is) and make sure others know about them!    

Quote of the day:

“I just wanted the party lifestyle and didn’t want to feel bad about it anymore.” — Pat Randall

This was Pat’s reasoning for walking away from church when I got him into it a bit before pizza arrived. Basically he was uncomfortable with the knowledge that he was sinning. He wanted to stop being reminded of it. I wander if there is a way to get him into that topic. It won’t be comfortable. It basically means reminding him that he actively pursued sin and just grew desensitized to it. And it means that his girlfiriend he lives with is part of that sin and it would cost him that relationship if he were to respond to his sin and the news of the Gospel. But I want to try and get into more conversations with him as he is on the team this year. We’ll see where I can get!

Prayer of the day:

Lord, help me to open my mouth to proclaim your word. The life-changing word of your son, Jesus Christ. Help me to not be afraid of people who are going to naturally offended by what they hear. Help me to present to them the plain facts of Scripture and let your Spirit carry the rest of the day. Lord, help me to be a faithful steward of all you have given me. I want to honor you with my life. Help me be faithful in all my actions. Help me to start being a more faithful person by remembering what you’ve already done more and more.                 


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