They Don’t Believe That We Believe

If you're a Christian today, you're likely very happy with the results from the SCOTUS as they handed down the decision on Masterpiece Cakes vs. Colorado today. While I know many non-Christians are going to be decidely unhappy with this result, I can merely say that I think this was an excellent decision and highlighted well... Continue Reading →

Who Is Being Patient With Whom?

Sometimes I read things in Scripture that make my eyes just pop in my head and my head is boggled at the incredible way the human brain can flip what should be a rather simple script and replace it with our own ego-filled, self-centered script. The past few weeks I have been praying. Praying a... Continue Reading →

Let’s Stop Calling Them Prayer Warriors

Let's Set The Record Straight I need to get something off my chest that I've learned the hard way and I think every Christian needs to rethink. Prayer is not a spiritual gift. It's not for those Christians. It's a call all Christians should come to eagerly. We don't have exhortations like those in 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 for just some believers:... Continue Reading →

How We Quietly Trained a Nation of Addicts

Houston, We Have A Problem Perhaps you've heard that we've got a nation of people addicted to many different things. Whether it's a struggle with alcoholism, pornography, or the enduring drug problems of cocaine, meth, and marijuana. We're addicted to many things. Here's a curveball question for you today; why are we surprised that so... Continue Reading →

My Prayer For Sister Jean

She's Missing The Point This post is going to attempt to be succinct. Let me be the first to say that I'm sure Sister Jean is a pleasure to meet. She seems sweet, and she has certainly won the hearts of many. But what has she done with it? Well, here's some things she's been... Continue Reading →

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