The God Who Covers Sin & Delights To Save

Friend Or Foe? Godzilla. Perhaps you’re familiar with the amphibious, charcoal-green monster that haunted the nightmares of young Japanese and American children in the 1950-1970s. He came with radioactive blasts emanating from his mouth, scales that seemed impenetrable, and a tail that caused damage only seen when a 4-year old interacts with carefully constructed Legos.... Continue Reading →

The Forgotten Peace Of God’s Armor

The Importance Of Armor In Times Of War Warfare is ugly. Just around an estimated 10 million people died in the bloody fields of World War I fighting for inches and yards each day. A large part of the death toll was due to poorly armored infantry that was outdated against the modern warfare of... Continue Reading →

They Don’t Believe That We Believe

If you're a Christian today, you're likely very happy with the results from the SCOTUS as they handed down the decision on Masterpiece Cakes vs. Colorado today. While I know many non-Christians are going to be decidely unhappy with this result, I can merely say that I think this was an excellent decision and highlighted well... Continue Reading →

Who Is Being Patient With Whom?

Sometimes I read things in Scripture that make my eyes just pop in my head and my head is boggled at the incredible way the human brain can flip what should be a rather simple script and replace it with our own ego-filled, self-centered script. The past few weeks I have been praying. Praying a... Continue Reading →

Let’s Stop Calling Them Prayer Warriors

Let's Set The Record Straight I need to get something off my chest that I've learned the hard way and I think every Christian needs to rethink. Prayer is not a spiritual gift. It's not for those Christians. It's a call all Christians should come to eagerly. We don't have exhortations like those in 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 for just some believers:... Continue Reading →

How We Quietly Trained a Nation of Addicts

Houston, We Have A Problem Perhaps you've heard that we've got a nation of people addicted to many different things. Whether it's a struggle with alcoholism, pornography, or the enduring drug problems of cocaine, meth, and marijuana. We're addicted to many things. Here's a curveball question for you today; why are we surprised that so... Continue Reading →

My Prayer For Sister Jean

She's Missing The Point This post is going to attempt to be succinct. Let me be the first to say that I'm sure Sister Jean is a pleasure to meet. She seems sweet, and she has certainly won the hearts of many. But what has she done with it? Well, here's some things she's been... Continue Reading →

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